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When a motorcyclist gets involved in an automobile accident, there are unique challenges. He/she has to face the following an accident claim.

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In general, there is often a negative perception the motorcycles are all reckless, which is not bear any relation to reality. When a motorcyclist gets involved in auto accident, apart from proving who was at fault, they frequently have to dispel these myths about motorcyclist to get a fair hearing or trial.

HTexas Top Lawyer 2015If you are a loved one gets involved in a motorcycle accident, there are certain tips that you can follow which can help not only with your case, but also with your argument about the cause of accident and who is at fault. These tips are as follows:

Formal training for motorcycle riding: while learning to ride a motorcycle, if you have received any formal training, you should inform the insurance adjuster about this. Documenting evidence would be even better.

Length of time and regularity of riding: if you have been writing the particular motorcycle or bicycle, or even a similar one for a long time, it may help getting your case as it shows that you are not a novice rider. The regularity of writing is another aspect, and if you have been commuting to work or school on the same motorcycle or bicycle, informing the insurance adjuster about the number of miles covered in a day may help your case.

Type of riding experience: Riding experience in various conditions comes in handy. If you have been injured or a city street, you can demonstrate your experience writing on city streets. The same holds true for high density traffic, rush hours, Highway riding and riding in wet weather.

Familiarity with the roads: there is a wrong notion that motorcyclist do not know how to handle traffic situations and that they panic and end up crashing or causing an accident. To dispel this image, you can inform the responder our law enforcement agent about your familiarity with the road on which the accident happened.

Familiarity with road hazards: your familiarity with a particular roadway may work to your benefit in case you get into an accident with another vehicle. However, if the accident is caused by a hazard on the road, the principle of familiarity would be applicable depending on the type of hazard. For example, if the accident is caused by a pothole that has been there for long, the insurance company may contend that you should have been aware of it and avoided it. On the other hand, if the hazard is unexpected, such as a recent construction activity, you could not have been prepared for it.

2-wheel and 4-wheel driving record: although you are not required to present their driving record at the time of negotiations. If you present favorable driving records. It can help show that you are a cautious driver.

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How to Hire a Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

How to Hire a Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Have you been injured in an accident? Do you think someone else is responsible for your injury? If this is the case, you should take legal action against the person who is responsible for your injury. Doing this can not help you to recover form your physical injury, nor can it help you to over come your emotional stress. But it can definitely help you to overcome your financial loss. Texas personal injury law ensures that the victim get compensated for his or her loss.

Remember, handling a legal issue is never an easy task. You should not take things in your hand if you don’t have any prior experience or knowledge in this field. Many people think that the case is very easy. Since they have witness, it will not be difficult for them to prove the defendant guilty. As a result they try to handle the case themselves. This is a major mistake to make. Even if the case seems to be easy, you should not try your hand in it, especially if your opponent has a lawyer on his or her site.

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Counting on a lawyer is the most wise decision one can take. A lawyer is well aware of the complicated legal procedures. He knows exactly how to frame your case, so that it sounds convincing to the judge and you win the case.

It is true that hiring a lawyer is an expensive affair. However, in Houston you will find many lawyers who fight on a no win no fee basis. Always look for such a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer who will take your case and will charge you only if he wins the case. This ensures that you don’t need to pay him from your own pocket. You can give him a share of the compensation that you get from the defendant.

Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Are you wondering how to find a no win no fee lawyer? Well, it is absolutely easy. Ask your friends or relatives, neighbors or colleagues who have been involved in such a case. They can help you with reference. You can also check with the local Bar Association. Another way of finding an Houston motorcycle wreck lawyer is to check the Yellow Pages. Other than this you can also go online and search for a local lawyer who handles cases on a no win no fee basis.

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Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident Puts Two Riders in Hospital

Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC

Two motorcycle riders were taken to the hospital in serious condition after a car hit them and fled the scene and Gulf Freeway at East Haven Blvd., police said. The bikers were traveling southbound on 45, and a group of about six motorcycles. Approximately around 12:30 AM a car crash into the back of two of the motorcycles. The call is apparently speeding at the time, police said. The two motorcycle riders were thrown from their bikes and taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition. One motorcyclist found on the side of freeway, the other went underneath the car got stuck. The driver of the car fled the scene after the crash. Houston Police Department hit-and-run accident. Units are working the case and will be looking for the driver of the car.

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If you are ever involved in a hit-and-run motorcycle accident in the city of Houston are the state of Texas. Feel free to contact RJ Alexander law PLLC, Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, for a free initial consultation at (832) 458-1756 or email the firm at The firm works hard to ensure that you are fully compensated for injuries sustained by the negligence or intentional wrongdoings of another.

Update: The Houston hit and run driver turned himself into the police.

For more information about this situation follow the link here.

Houston motorcyclist fatally injured in Pasadena, Texas crash.

At approximately 3:15 PM on January 18, 2015 a man was killed in a Houston motorcycle accident in Pasadena, Texas. The motorcycle accident involved the motorcyclist and another vehicle at East NASA Parkway and Space Center Boulevard.

According to the Houston Police Department, the motorcyclist was traveling westbound at the intersection at NASA Parkway in Space Ctr., Boulevard and then slid into a curb.

Houston highways and sidestreets are consistently under construction. Although the local police department is still investigating how this Pasadena motorcycle accident occurred motorcyclist should always drive safely and where the proper equipment to ensure that he or she will survive a crash.

If you are your loved one are ever involved in a Houston motorcycle accident you will need a personal injury lawyer that will fight for your rights and the proper compensation you deserve. Call the Houston motorcycle accident lawyer at RJ Alexander Law PLLC to receive your free initial consultation today. The office phone number is 832-458-1756 or you may email the firm at

61-year-old man dies in motorcycle accident

The Houston Police Department is investigating a fatal accident that happened Aug. 21 on the 1800 block Turning Basin Drive in east Houston.

Police say a man was driving a Kawasaki motorcycle south on Turning Basin when he lost control.  Authorities say they do not know how the man lost control of the bike.

The victim was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in critical condition. He was pronounced dead Saturday.  The man’s identity is pending verification by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. The investigation is ongoing.

If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle related accident feel free to contact Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander at RJ Alexander Law PLLC 24 hours a day for legal representation.  Call today for a free initial consultation (832) 458-1756 or use the contact form to reach the firm immediately.

Documents You Should Bring to Your First Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Consultation

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident it can be a very traumatic and chaotic period in your life. Oftentimes, people are unaware of the items that they should bring with them when they initially speak with a Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Personal injury accidents can create debilitating injuries that leave you physically scarred, emotionally damaged, or unable to move the way you were able to before the accident. Sometimes the injuries are temporary, and sometimes they are permanent. When you are able to provide accurate documentation regarding the accident at the very beginning of your case then you will likely have a much better chance of receiving the compensation that you deserve.

All personal injury cases are different and may lead to varying results. Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander at RJ Alexander Law PLLC has developed a checklist for the items you should bring to make sure you get the best representation possible from your attorney.

  • Bills associated with injury
  • Motorcycle Insurance Information
  • Correspondence with the other parties in accident
  • Medical Insurance Information
  • Medical Records
  • Photographs documenting physical injuries
  • Photographs of scene of accident and vehicle damage
  • Police Report
  • Proof of Lost Wages
  • Rental Car Charges
  • Motorcycle Repair Costs

By providing the above information, you can rest assured that your first meeting with Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Reshard Alexander runs smoothly and helps to sped along the insurance claim process.

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